Thursday, September 24, 2009

Steady As She Goes

Well it will be six weeks come Tuesday. I'm going in to the doctor's to see how everything is progressing. I will be in my cast and on crutches until the beginning of December. As of right now, I'm trying to get movement back into my foot by moving it in circles and overall just trying to flex the muscles back into moving.

I would have to say that this accident has quite possibly been a life changing experience. Before I absolutely hated getting up and exercising unless it was horseback riding or swimming or something like that. Now that I've had restricted movement, I'm ready to just...move. I have no doubt that when I'm able to return to full movement that I won't be able to stop. :-)

But seriously, you really don't know what you are missing when you loose the use of your leg. You have to have help getting a glass of water. You can't really take a bath on your own, much less a shower. But the thing you really have to watch out for are the mats in restuarants. If you step on them wrong, your feet are out from underneath you. Puddles are another one.

Anywho, for the most part, it doesn't hurt...only swells. It's just there. I'm not as frusterated with it as I was before. Don't get me wrong, I have moments but for the most part I've accepted that this will be this way until December at least.

I'm trying to incorporate things back into my life gradually at times and rapidly other times. I've returned to driving after my hiatus, now sleep in my own bed (I had stairs that I had to conquer) and can for the most part dress myself (do you know how hard it is to get pants over a cast?). Mom gets frusterated with me at times because I'm always trying to do for myself more and more. I don't think that she understands that it's not that I don't/won't depend on her; it's just that I'm get back to where I was. I'm not a martyr, just someone who wants her independance back.

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