Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Together Again...Again

Well it has been awhile...welcome back to me. :) Boy things sure have changed here in the past year and a half. We have two new additions to our family - Trevor born in mid February and Nikki born in late October of last year. That makes numero tres for Rachael and Trevor is Beth's first born. Zip for me....which I'm quite okay with. I'll let the sisters be the baby makin bunch o'the family. Anywho, the ankle is still bothersome but more after the jump.

The new year brings the idea of hope, starting over, resolutions and lots of cold weather and snow...okay so maybe not tons of snow but just enough to be bothersome...back to the new year. So in the tradition of the new year I have made some New Year's Resolutions. Believe it or not I have three that I hope to accomplish this year.

1) To lose weight - I know typical isn't it? However, I have a couple of motivators to aid me and I think I might just do it this year! First is my ankle issue. I honestly think that my 300 lb frame (yes, even I was surprised at this) is a HUGE factor in the pain I'm feeling. So thus, for me to be mobile and have the ability to walk like a normal human being instead of limping like a gimp everywhere, this is going to have to change. My second motivator is that I'm going to be the big 3-0 next year. Yeah, I know! Could have knocked me over with a feather too. I'm still trying to find where the 20s went. HA! Anywho, I've always known that the older you get the harder it is to lose weight. I don't want my 30s to be like my 20s. I want to be that girl who isn't afraid to be a little flirty with the guy at the next table. So instead of the Roarin 20s...here's a toast to the Roarin 30s!

2) To dress a little more sassy - Not to be confused with more sexy. I think you can dress a little more sassy and still be sexy. There are after all two different types of sexy - you've got your mysterious sexy and your local hoochie mama sexy. I definitely want to be the mysterious sexy. :) Especially when I'm going to be losing weight and feelin all sassy myself.

3) To be a little more assertive - This one I think may be my hardest one. I have a tendency to "go with the flow". I feel a change is needed in expressing my opinions, needs and desires. I have recognized (more so lately) some people tend to use me as a human doormat and disregard me completely. I have realized that I and my opinions and thoughts are worth something and so my expressing of them may not be a turn around overnight but i can assure you that I will improve.

So with that said let me introduce to you the new Cheryl...less of her but more sassy and opinionated. :) Here's to a great year of weight loss and finding myself! Cheers!


  1. WooooHOOO!!!This is all news to me; I just found you again! I'm so proud of you, and if you want my honest opinion, I think you are spot on in your assessment of yourself, and in the goals you have adopted. You can so do this. I WANT to hear your opinions; I want to have you become the three dimensional person that has always been there. I can't wait to hear more...

  2. I'm really excited about it myself. :) I've only lost 2 more lbs but that is w/o exercise. I'm going to start incorporating some that I can do in the morning and then again at night but also doesn't hurt the ankle. I'm stoked.